Weddings at Trinity

Beautiful Trinity Church, on the shores of Grand Traverse Bay, has been a destination for couples who want a church wedding since 1865.

You are welcome here

We are a blended congregation of the Congregationalists and Methodists who merged to form Trinity Church of the United Church of Christ.  We are the oldest Church in Northport and have the distinction of being registered as an historic site in Michigan.

As an open and affirming church we welcome all people, regardless of faith tradition, to be united in marriage in our sanctuary.  You are invited to attend our worship services on Sunday mornings at 11:00 am to become more familiar with us.

Trinity Church sanctuary  offers the perfect blend of the charm of earlier days and an elegant informality for weddings that are medium-sized or smaller.  The sanctuary has space for 175 people.

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Whether or not you are a member of our congregation or denomination, you are invited to consider Trinity Church as the destination for your wedding.

Want more information?  Check out our brochure or send us an email –

Many couples who choose the Willowbrook Mill for their wedding reception1801orlins2016

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also choose Trinity as the sacred place for their vows

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Northport, Michigan, is a beautiful place for a wedding 


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Thank you Sara and Luke Orlins for permission to post these pictures from your wedding.

Thank you Meg Paxton for permission to post your photography.

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