Trinity United Church of Christ can trace its roots back to August 19, 1849, when Rev. George N. Smith, assisted by Rev. Peter Dougherty, served communion to four Native Americans and five Caucasians. They adopted the Faith and Covenant of the Congregational Church (St. Albans, Vermont) the following October, but did not adopt the Constitution of the Congregational Society until March 12, 1861. Two years later, in February of 1863, the First Congregational Church of Northport was formally organized. The church structure was built in 1869 at Trinity’s
present location and dedicated August 12, 1870.

The Northport Methodist Church was organized in 1858 by Rev. Lewis Griffin. The church’s cornerstone, dated May 1871, marked the church’s location on the northwest corner of Shabwasung and Main until 1971.

The First Congregational Church of Northport and the Northport Methodist Church merged October 6, 1965, forming Trinity United Church of Christ. In 1967 the Methodist church buildings were sold to the Northport School. Its stained glass windows, however, were moved to Trinity Church in 1968, where they can still be enjoyed today.


Nationally, the United Church of Christ was founded in 1957, as the union of several Christian traditions who affirm that Christians do not always have to agree with one another to come together in communion. Our motto — “that they may all be one” — is Jesus’ prayer for the unity of the church.

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