05/15/2022 – Pastor Haygood – Catching a Vision. Today’s scripture reading was read by Linda Wikle.

05/08/2022 – Pastor Haygood -Do You Want to Be Healed. Today’s poem and scripture reading were read by Jackie Berz.

05/01/2022 – Rev. Peter Moore – Just How Important is the Past, Anyway? Today’s scripture reading was read by Karen Casebeer.

04/24/2022 – Karen Casebeer read a sermon by Barbara Brown Taylor: “Hands and Feet.” Today’s scripture reading was read by Marie Elena Gaspari.

04/17/2022 – Pastor Haygood – Signs of New Life. Today’s scripture reading was read by Sarah Shoemaker.

04/10/2022 – Pastor Haygood (via Zoom)- Humble, and riding on a donkey. Today’s scripture reading was read by Suzanne Landes.

04/03/2022 – Pastor Haygood – The Charge: Honor All People. Today’s scripture reading was read by Dick Lang.

03/27/2022 – Pastor Haygood – The Charge: Strength, Support, Help. Today’s scripture reading was read by Gail Trill.

03/20/2022 – Pastor Haygood – The Charge: Return No One Evil For Evil. Today’s scripture reading was read by Andy Thomas.

03/13/2022 – Pastor Haygood – The Charge: Hold Onto What Is Good. Today’s scripture reading was read by Karen Casebeer.

03/06/2022 – Pastor Haygood – The Charge: Peace and Courage. Today’s scripture reading was read by Audrey DeVault.

02/27/2022 – Pastor Haygood – Religious Freedom. Today’s scripture reading was read by Barb Gentry.

02/20/2022 – Pastor Haygood – The Single Story; today’s scripture reading was read by Rick Foster.

02/13/2022 – Pastor Haygood – Three-Word Prayer. “Precious Lord, Take My Hand” is sung by Pastor Karen and played on the piano by Hugh Willey (words and music by Thomas A. Dorsey. 1932). The scripture reading was read by Suzanne Landes.

02/06/2022- Pastor Haygood – The Gate; background and reflections on today’s scripture reading. The reading was read by Andy Thomas.

01/30/2022 – Pastor Haygood – Seen and Heard; today’s scripture reading was read by John Sanders

01/23/2022 – Pastor Haygood – Bandwidth; today’s scripture reading was read by Laura Kalchik via Zoom

01/16/2022 – Pastor Haygood – Bending Toward Justice

In-person worship services at Trinity have been suspended since 11/28/2021, due to the increase of COVID cases prior to and following Thanksgiving, and the threat of the Omicron virus. Pastor Karen emailed an online meditation to the congregation on 11/28/2021. On 12/5/2021, Pastor Karen emailed an online meditation and also led a Zoom worship service. In the weeks that have followed, Pastor Karen has continued to provide online meditations and lead Zoom services. Please join us for Sunday worship services via Zoom at 11AM. Contact Joe Thatcher at (231) 386-5801 if you would like a link emailed to you for the Zoom Worship Service meetings or would like to be added to the list to receive the online meditations.

 The Trinity Safety Committee will continue to monitor the data and make recommendations regarding the resumption of in-person worship services.

11/21/2021- Pastor Haygood – Giving Thanks in Anxious Times; today’s scripture reading and poem were read by Karen Casebeer

11/14/2021 – Pastor Haygood – Parables of the Talents; today’s scripture reading was read by Audrey DeVault

11/07/2021 – Pastor Haygood – The communion of saints; today’s scripture reading was read by Joe Thatcher

10/31/2021 – Pastor Haygood – Heart, _____, mind, and strength; today’s scripture reading was read by Sarah Shoemaker

10/24/2021 -Pastor Haygood – Short stories; Scripture reading and poem were read by Kathleen Wainwright.

10/17/2021 – Pastor Haygood – Blessed?

10/10/2021 – Pastor Haygood – The problem of perfection

10/03/2021 – Pastor Haygood – Wide

09/26/2021 – Guest speaker: Dan Brink – I am who I am, you are who you are, we are all in this together!

09/19/2021 -A Service of Appreciation and Love for Phil Garrison and Patricia McGee

The speakers, in the order of their participation are: Nancy Fitzgerald, Nancy Flanagan, Nancy Fitzgerald, Andy Thomas, Terry Gremel, Audrey DeVault, Linda Wikle, Patricia Mc Gee, Pastor Phil Garrison, Pastor Karen Haygood, and Julia Brabenec. Special music was provided by the Community Bell Choir and the Trinity Choir, along with members of the bell choir and the congregation. (This music can be directly accessed under the Recordings tab.) The postlude was played by Margie Hunter.

09/12/2021 was Trinity’s Music Sunday Worship Service.  Click on the Recordings heading above to listen to Special Music and a dramatic reading.

09/05/2021 – Rev. Emmy Lou Belcher – Liminality

08/29/2021- Conversation: When have you experienced great joy in this very room?

Pastor Garrison is retiring. Today was his last worship service with us as our pastor. Last Sunday, he invited members of the congregation to email him descriptions of moments of great joy they had experienced in Trinity’s sanctuary. Today in place of a sermon, Pastor Garrison read those stories and shared one of his own.

08/22/2021 – Pastor Garrison – I’ve been meaning to ask…where do we go from here?

08/15/2021 – Pastor Garrison – I’ve been meaning to ask…where do we go from here?

08/08/2021 -Pastor Garrison – I’ve been meaning to ask….what do you need?

08/01/2021 – Pastor Garrison – I’ve been meaning to ask…what do you need?

07/25/2021 – Pastor Garrison – I’ve been meaning to ask…where does it hurt?

07/18/2021 – Pastor Garrison – I’ve been meaning to ask…where are you from?

07/11/2021 – Pastor Garrison – I’ve been meaning to ask…where are you from

07/04/2021 – Pastor Garrison – A change of heart is in the air

06/27/2021 -11:00 Service- Pastor Garrison- Healing Power of the Promise

06/20/2021-11:00 Service- Pastor Garrison – Trusting the Promise

06/13/2021-11:00 Service- Pastor Garrison – Flourishing in the Promise

06/06/2021 -11:00 Service- Pastor Garrison – Glory. Scripture readings and sermon by Pastor Garrison; Poem and flute solo by Nancy Flanagan

05/30/2021 -11:00 Service- Pastor Garrison and members of the congregation- Remembering Bill Cook

05/23/2021 -11:00 Service- Pastor Garrison- Too Deep for Words. Prayer, poem, and sermon by Pastor Garrison; flute solo and piano postlude by Nancy Flanagan

Worship services at Trinity resumed on Sunday, May 23, 2021, after a 14 month suspension of indoor services due to the Coronavirus Pandemic. For the time being, there will be two services each Sunday, one at 9:30AM and one at 11:00 AM, each lasting approximately 30 minutes. Congregants are asked to wear a mask, even if fully vaccinated, and to respect the requirements for social distancing in order to protect those who are at risk. Pastor Garrison has been emailing sermons, scripture readings, and music chosen by Nancy Flanagan at 11:00 am on Sundays. He will continue to send these emails for a period of time, even though indoor services have resumed.

03/08/2020 – Pastor Garrison-Raise your eyes

03/01/2020 – Pastor Garrison-Knowing and being known

02/23/2020 – Barb Gentry and Pastor Garrison- Holy Troublemaker – Kaitlin Curtice

02/16/2020 – Gail Trill- Holy Troublemaker – Wangari Maathi

02/09/2020 – Pat Sobehrad and Pastor Garrison- Holy Troublemaker – Florence Nightingale

02/02/2020 – Karen Puschel Segal and Pastor Garrison- Holy Troublemaker – Wil Gafney

01/26/2020 – Nancy Flanagan and Pastor Garrison- Holy Troublemaker – Mary Oliver

01/19/2020 – Julia Brabenec and Pastor Garrison- Holy Troublemaker – Alice Paul

01/12/2020 – Dan Brink- Holy Troublemaker – Rumi

01/05/2020 – Audrey DeVault and Pastor Garrison- Holy Troublemaker – Rev. Jacqui Lewis

12/29/2019 – Pastor Garrison – Wonders of his love

12/22/2019 – Pastor Garrison – Make the nations prove

12/15/2019 – Pastor Garrison – Let all their songs employ

12/08/2019 – Pastor Garrison – Repeat the sounding joy

12/01/2019 – Pastor Garrison and the congregation in conversation about “what keeps us stuck?”

11/24/2019 – Pastor Garrison – He had to work at being good

11/17/2019 – Pastor Garrison – Ennui and verve

11/10/2019 – Pastor Garrison – Ya ayuni!

11/03/2019 – Pastor Garrison – Admired lives

10/27/2019 – Pastor Garrison – How lovely is our dwelling place

10/20/2019 –  This was a shortened service. There was no sermon.

10/13/2019 – Pastor Garrison – Love of self: how shall we use our freedom

10/06/2019 – Scripture readers: Suzanne Landes,Joe Terhark, Janet Quiring, Christina Pfeufer, Patricia McGee, Pastor Garrison

There was no sermon today, This was World Communion Sunday.  Trinity celebrated this day with a service of scriptures and hymns.  This Sunday’s Introit and Anthem can  be found under the Recordings tab.

09/29/2019 – Pastor Garrison – Love of self includes caring for ourselves

09/22/2019 – Jennifer Brownell and Pastor Garrison -Sacredness of heart and mind

This sermon was not recorded.

09/15/2019 – Pastor Garrison -We are loved beyond imagination

09/08/2019 – Pastor Garrison – Loving our neighbor means: calling forth the best in others

09/01/2019 – Pastor Garrison – Loving our neighbor means: speaking prophetically to government

08/25/2019 – Pastor Garrison; Andy Thomas (Fifth Generation Northporter); Nancy Fitzgerald (Charter Member of Trinity United Church of Christ); Terry Gremel (Charter Member of Trinity United Church of Christ) – Honoring and claiming our sacred space

08/18/2019 – Pastor Garrison – Loving our neighbor means: standing with the outcast

08/11/2019 – Pastor Garrison – Loving our neighbor means: engaging all people authentically

08/04/2019 – Pastor Garrison – Loving God means: worshiping with artful vibrance

07/28/2019 – Pastor Garrison – Loving God means: loving the earth in all her fullness

07/21/2019 – Pastor Garrison – Loving God means: equipping ourselves to do good

07/14/2019 – Pastor Garrison – Loving God means: walking in the light

07/07/2019 was Trinity’s Music Sunday Worship Service.  Click on the Recordings heading above to listen to the music, readings, and other parts of this service. Enjoy!

06/30/2019-Pastor Garrison, Gail Trill, Linda Wikle – The Story from within Tobit

Introduction:  Pastor Garrison. The story: Gail Trill and Linda Wikle

06/23/2019 -Guest speakers: John and Linda Engelhard, with assistance from Isla Engelhard-The prophets: Habakkuk & Zephaniah

06/16/2019 -Pastor Garrison, Ron Sutton, Ed Lefson, and Janet Stutzman-The prophets: Obadiah, Jonah, Micah

Introduction: Pastor Garrison; Trinity Readers – Ron Sutton, Ed Lefson, and Janet Stutzman

06/09/2019 -Pastor Garrison, Colleen Cooper, Bette Puschel, Joe Terhark, and Will Thomas-The prophets: Joel and Amos

Introduction:  Pastor Garrison;  Trinity Readers-Colleen Cooper, Bette Puschel, Joe Terhark, & Will Thomas

06/02/2019 -Pastor Garrison, Barbara Foster and Phil Thomas-The prophets: Hosea

Introduction – Pastor Garrison; Trinity Readers – Barbara Foster & Phil Thomas

05/26/2019 -Pastor Garrison,Nancy Fitzgerald,and Ed Lefson-The prophets: Daniel

Introduction – Pastor Garrison; “Come Out of There” – Nancy Fitzgerald; “Fiery Furnace Rap” – Ed Lefson

05/19/2019 -Pastor Garrison,Christina Pfeufer,Gail Trill, and John Sanders-The prophets: Ezekiel

Introduction – Pastor Garrison;   “Ezekiel’s Vision” – Christina  Pfeufer (drum) and Gail Trill (voice); “Vi is for….” – Christina Pfeufer and John Sanders

05/12/2019 -Pastor Garrison, Jerry Agnew, Audrey DeVault, Jim Root, and Joe Thatcher -The prophets: Jeremiah

05/05/2019 – Pastor Garrison, Sarah Shoemaker,Julia Brabenec, Andy Thomas-The prophets:Isaiah

04/28/2019 – Pastor Garrison and Nancy Flanagan-The prophets:their faith witness

04/21/2019 – Pastor Garrison-In the garden

04/14/2019 – Pastor Garrison-Heartbeat of God: the Sabbath

04/07/2019 – Pastor Garrison-Heartbeat of God: the seasons

03/31/2019 – Pastor Garrison-Heartbeat of God: the light

03/24/2019 – Pastor Garrison-Heartbeat of God: the Sophia

03/17/2019 – Pastor Garrison-Heartbeat of God: the table

03/10/2019 – Pastor Garrison-Heartbeat of God: the tempo

03/03/2019 – Pastor Garrison-The Seventh Story

02/24/2019 – Today’s service was cancelled due to inclement weather.

02/17/2019 – Pastor Garrison-God Probes

This sermon was not recorded.

02/10/2019 – Pastor Garrison-God amazes

02/03/2019 – Pastor Garrison-God knows

01/27/2019 – Pastor Garrison-God is Spirit

01/20/2019 – Pastor Garrison-God delights

During Epiphany, some churches invite people to come forward to be blessed by the waters of baptism. During today’s sermon time, most members of our congregation came forward to receive such a blessing from Pastor Garrison.   Please note, Pastor Garrison’s blessing was spoken quietly to each person. Therefore, most of that part of the recording has been deleted.

01/13/2019 – Pastor Garrison-God describes

01/06/2019 – Pastor Garrison-God opens and trembles our hearts

12/30/2018 – Pastor Garrison-A conversation with each other: “2018 & 2019”

During today’s sermon time, Pastor Garrison asked members of the congregation to be in conversation with one or two others about these questions:  What do you hope to leave behind (forever) that was part of 2018?  What “other way home” will you open yourself to during 2019? What do you want more of (or less of) in 2019?

12/23/2018 – Pastor Garrison-Signs of what’s to come: A child shall lead them

12/16/2018 – Pastor Garrison-Signs of what’s to come: God is rejoicing over you in song

12/09/2018 – Pastor Garrison-Signs of what’s to come: the crooked made straight

12/02/2018 – Pastor Garrison-Signs of what’s to come: sun, moon, and stars

11/25/2018 – Pastor Garrison, Gayle Madison, Joe Thatcher-Hannah, Eli & Samuel; Saul & David stories

11/18/2018 – Pastor Garrison and various members of the congregation-Stories of Thanksgiving

11/11/2018 – Pastor Garrison, Sarah Shoemaker,Terry Gremel-Naomi and Ruth

11/04/2018 – Nancy Flanagan, Jackie Berz, Gail Trill, Julia Brabenec, Laura Kalchik, Joe Thatcher-Five things you probably didn’t know about the story of Moses

10/28/2018 – Pastor Garrison- Conversation with each other

Today was All Saints Remembrance Sunday at Trinity.  During the sermon time for this service, Pastor Garrison asked members of the congregation to be in conversation with one or two others about these questions: “What is your Heaven?” and  “What brings tears to your eyes in your Heaven?”  At the end of this time, a  third questions was given  to us to ponder at home: “Who is there in your Heaven?”

10/21/2018 – Pastor Garrison, Joe Thatcher, Colleen Cooper, Barbara Charpentier-Joseph stories

The musical piece heard at the end of the sermon time is “Pharaoh’s Dream Explained” from “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dream Coat” by Andrew Lloyd Webber.

10/14/2018 – Pastor Garrison,Christine Pfeufer,Julia Brabenec,Don Ramsdell, Peg Ramsdell, Jim Root, Barbara Charpentier-Itching to begin

The musical pieces we heard during this sermon time are:  “Shehechiyano” sang by Three Altos;  “Carnival of the Animals: XII. Fossils” composed by Camille Saint-Saens; “Violin Concerto in F Minor” composed by Vivaldi; and “All in All”  sang by Butterflyfish

10/07/2018 – Pastor Garrison-Holy and just

09/30/2018 – Rev. John Engelhard- The cup of blessing

09/23/2018 – Pastor Garrison- The gift of welcome

09/16/2018 – Pastor Garrison- The gift sweeter than honey

09/09/2018 – Pastor Garrison- The gift of hearing

09/02/2018 – Pastor Garrison- The gift of love

08/26/2018 – Pastor Garrison- For the ways we’re blessed with plenty

08/19/2018 – Rev. Matt Fitzgerald- Is God talking to you through your dog?

08/12/2018 – Pastor Garrison- For the joy of daily waking

08/05/2018 – Pastor Garrison- All life is filled with wonder

07/29/2018 – Pastor Garrison- Living waters: Feed my people

07/22/2018 – Pastor Garrison- Living waters: Anchor the boat and come ashore

07/15/2018 – Pastor Garrison- Living waters: The earth, set firmly on the waters

07/08/2018 – Pastor Garrison- Living waters: Changing hearts and lives

07/01/2018 – Pastor Garrison- Living waters: out of the depths

06/24/2018 – Pastor Garrison- God calms

Members of the congregation shared stories about Jean Putnam during the sermon part of today’s service.

06/17/2018 – Pastor Garrison- God answers

06/10/2018 – Pastor Garrison- God encourages

06/03/2018 – Pastor Garrison- God surrounds

05/27/2018 – Pastor Garrison- Stepping Stones of faith: the possible

05/20/2018 – Rev. Emmy Lou Belcher- Touched by fire

05/13/2018 – Pastor Garrison, Barbara Foster, Susan Sobehrad, Audrey DeVault, Julia Brabenec, Patricia McGee, Taffy Walker, Sarah Shoemaker – Stepping stones of faith: life…Mothering Sunday

05/06/2018 – Pastor Garrison – Stepping stones of faith: justice

04/29/2018 – Pastor Garrison and Gail Trill- Stepping stones of faith: love

04/22/2018 – Pastor Garrison, Sue and John Sobehrad, and the Trinity Choir – Stepping stones of faith: courage

04/08/2018 – Pastor Garrison – Stepping stones of faith: joy

04/01/2018 – Pastor Garrison – When the sun had risen

03/25/2018 – Pastor Garrison – Awe

03/18/2018 – Pastor Garrison – We ARE God’s people

03/11/2018 – Sarah Shoemaker, Guest Speaker – God so loved the world

03/04/2018 – Rev. Don Bogue – Love has no exceptions

02/25/2018 – Pastor Garrison – Love. Hold. Let go.

02/18/2018 – Pastor Garrison – In the family of things

Pastor Phil was away on February 11, 2018. A Hymn Sing by the choir and congregation was led by Kathy Williams. Prayers were led by Barbara Foster. The music and special readings for this service can be found under the “Recordings” tab.

02/04/2018 – Pastor Garrison – God treasures you

01/28/2018 – Pastor Garrison – Justice: an ever flowing stream

01/21/2018 – Pastor Garrison – Be change

01/14/2018 – Pastor Garrison – Soon and very soon

01/07/2018 – Pastor Garrison – “Look Twice: An Epiphany Meditation” by Elizabeth Myer Boulton, as adapted and retold by Pastor Garrison

12/31/2017 – Pastor Garrison – I will make all things new

12/24/2017 – Pastor Garrison and Patricia McGee – A Christmas Reflection

12/17/2017 – Pastor Garrison- Comfort, provide, rebuild

12/10/2017 – Pastor Garrison- Be not afraid

12/03/2017 – Pastor Garrison- Keep awake

11/26/2017 – Pastor Garrison- Eyes of your heart

11/19/2017 – Pastor Garrison- Babette’s Feast

11/12/2017 – Don Wilcox- Thoughts and music for Veterans Day

11/05/2017 – Pastor Garrison – Telescopic vision

10/29/2017 – Pastor Garrison, Will Thomas, Gail Trill, Doug McInnes, Audrey DeVault- Saints in our lives

10/22/2017 – Rev. Jason Coulter – What song are you singing?

10/15/2017 – Pastor Garrison – God’s mercy around us

10/08/2017 – Pastor Garrison with assistance from Ann Bloomquist- God’s spirit through us

10/01/2017 – Pastor Garrison – God’s compassion in us

09/17/2017 – Pastor Garrison, with assistance from Gail Trill – God’s freedom for us

09/10/2017 – Pastor Garrison – God’s deliverance of us

09/03/2017 – Pastor Garrison – God’s yes to us

08/27/2017 – Pastor Garrison – On the mend: from blindness

08/20/2017 – Pastor Garrison – On the mend: from being great

08/13/2017 – Pastor Garrison – On the mend: from a heavy heart

08/06/2017 – Pastor Garrison – On the mend: from missing what matters

07/30/2017 – Pastor Garrison – On the mend: from preconceived notions

07/23/2017 – Pastor Garrison – On the mend: from arrogance

07/16/2017 – Pastor Garrison – On the mend: from controlling

07/09/2017 – Pastor Jody Betton – Three great loves

06/25/2017 – Pastor Garrison – On the mend: from being closed

06/18/2017 – Pastor Garrison – On the mend: from shallowness

06/11/2017 – Pastor Garrison, Carlyle Roberts, Nancy Fitzgerald – How we got here and where we are headed

06/04/2017 – Pastor Garrison – Filled with the Holy Spirit

05/28/2017 – Pastor Garrison – Ripples of reconciliation

05/21/2017 – Pastor Garrison and various members of the congregation- Ripples of hospitality

05/14/2017 – Pastor Garrison – Ripples of God’s Likeness

05/07/2017 -Guest speaker: Gladys Munoz – Stories of immigration

04/30/2017 – Pastor Garrison – Ripples of promise

04/23/2017 – Pastor Garrison, with assistance from Patricia McGee- Ripples of wonder and joy

04/16/2017 – Pastor Garrison- A love will rise up and call us by name

04/09/2017 – Pastor Garrison-The gateway to God’s future 

(Note:  This sermon includes Gary Kohlhass singing, “Jerusalem”)

04/02/2017 – Pastor Garrison- Unfolding

03/26/2017 – Pastor Garrison- A-1, prized, precious

03/19/2017 – Pastor Garrison- Hold dearly to life with open hands

03/12/2017 – Pastor Garrison- “Sometimes courage skips a generation”

03/05/2017 – Pastor Garrison- Courage

02/26/2017 – Pastor Garrison, Annette Deibel, Bill Plachetzki, Jackie Berz, Rev.John Cermak -Transforming Moments

02/19/2017 – Pastor Ruth Overdier -Go beyond

02/12/2017 – Pastor Garrison -Build beloved community

02/05/2017 – Pastor Garrison -Live with integrity

01/29/2017 – Pastor Garrison -Embody beatitude living

01/22/2017 – Pastor Garrison -Know your name

01/15/2017 – Pastor Garrison -Dwell in belovedness

01/15/2017 – Pastor Garrison reading from Martin Luther King, Jr’s I have a dream speech

In honor of Martin Luther King Day, we heard these words from  “I have a dream.”

01/08/2017 – Pastor Garrison -Follow your star

01/01/2017 – Rev. Jody Betten -A Happy, Merry, New Christmassy Year

12/11/2016 – Pastor Garrison -Joy in Advent

12/04/2016 – Pastor Garrison – Love in Advent

11/27/2016 – Pastor Garrison – Peace in Advent

11/20/2016 – Pastor Garrison – Bless

11/13/2016 – Pastor Garrison, with assistance from Patricia McGee- Outsiders: the neighbor

11/06/2016 – Pastor Garrison – Outsiders: the traveler

10/30/2016 -Pastor Garrison -Two conversations: More about the paradox within us, a conversation about saints.
Which three of you or me is needed now, a conversation about the story of John

10/23/2016 – Rev. Cheryl Burke – That they may all be one

10/16/2016 – Pastor Garrison – Outsiders: the humble

10/09/2016 – Pastor Garrison – Outsiders: the tormented

10/02/2016 – Pastor Garrison – Outsiders: the homeless

09/25/2016 – Pastor Garrison – Outsiders: the lonely

09/18/2016 – Pastor Garrison – Outsiders: the worthy

SEVEN WEEK SERIES: “OUTSIDERS” – A theme from the Gospel of Luke

08/28/2016 – Pastor Garrison – The great banquet for all God’s people

08/21/2016 – Pastor Garrison, Julia Brabenec, Joe Thatcher, Terry Gremel, Bob Zwemer -Four Prayers in thanksgiving for the seasons

08/14/2016 – Pastor Garrison -A great cloud of witnesses in our midst

08/07/2016 – Pastor Garrison -Treasure and heart are one

07/31/2016 – Ann Marie Love, Ph.D -Finding calm in the political storm

The text of Dr. Love’s sermon:  Dr. Ann Marie Love – 7:31:2016 sermon

07/24/2016 – Pastor Garrison -Overflow with thankfulness


07/17/2016 – Pastor Garrison -Rooted, yes, deeply rooted

Includes a reading of four of Connie Wanek’s (Rival Gardens)  “Mrs God” poems

The five “Mrs. God” poems may be found within the Poems page (dropdown menu under Sermons)

07/10/2016 – Pastor Garrison – We are God’s ones, all of us

07/03/2016 – Pastor Garrison -planting, growing, harvesting . . . for the good of all

06/26/2016 – Pastor Garrison – Beckoned to Freedom

06/19/2016 – Pastor Garrison – We are one


06/12/2016 – Pastor Garrison – Through love we come to love

06/05/2016 – Pastor Garrison – The Stakes are very high

05/29/2016 – Pastor Garrison – Growing from and toward

05/22/2016 – Reverend Thompson -Service of Installation – With One Language

05/22/2016 – Reverend Thompson- New Life, New Hope

05/15/2016 – Pastor Garrison – Birds of the Air

05/08/2016 – Pastor Garrison – The hues of purple

05/01/2016 – Pastor Garrison – Kintsugi

04/24/2016 – Reflection: Suzanne Landes- In our midst

04/17/2016 – Sarah Shoemaker – Choices

04/10/2016 – Pastor Garrison – “I’m going fishing”

04/03/2016 – Pastor Garrison – Saying yes, saying maybe, saying no

03/27/2016 – Pastor Garrison – “You didn’t trust me?”

03/20/2016 – Pastor Garrison – Change your ways

03/13/2016 – Pastor Garrison – Choosing

02/14/2016 – Pastor Garrison – Uncertainty

02/07/2016 – Pastor Garrison – A story: Charles Townes

01/31/2016 – Pastor Garrison – Be not afraid…you are the ones

01/24/2016 – Pastor Garrison – Pass the potatoes, please

01/17/2016 – Pastor Garrison – Feast on the bounty of God’s love

01/03/2016 – Pastor Garrison – Let peace prosper

12/27/2015 – Pastor Garrison – It’s never too late

12/20/2015 – Pastor Garrison – Homily: Do you hear what I know?

12/13/2015 – Pastor Garrison – Homily: Stables, straw, and sheep

12/06/2015 – Pastor Garrison, Ken Bloomquist, Kent Shoemaker-Two men and an angel

11/29/2015 – Pastor Garrison – Homily: Two women and an angel

11/22/2015 – Pastor Garrison – Bubbles and beach stones

11/15/2015 – Pastor Garrison – This Whole Time

11/08/2015 – Pastor Garrison – Giving all we are

11/01/2015 – Pastor Garrison, Ann Bloomquist, Bob Walker-All Saints Day Worship

10/25/2015 – Pastor Garrison – Warning and Promise

10/18/2015 – Pastor Garrison – Where were you?

10/11/2015 – Pastor Garrison – Heirloom Action

10/04/2015 – Pastor Garrison, Suzanne Landes, Andy Thomas, Terry Gremel, Al Wrisley – Why Trinity Matters in Northport

09/27/2015 – Pastor Larson – I thought I Saw

09/20/2015 – Pastor Garrison – We are family: It is written

09/13/2015 – Pastor Garrison – We are family: What needs fixing?

09/06/2015 – Pastor Garrison – We are family: It is well

08/30/2015 – Pastor Overdier – Choices

08/23/2015 – Guest Speaker: Sarah Shoemaker – The Kingdom of God is Like a Kindergarten Class

08/02/2015 – Pastor Cunningham – Daring Greatly

07/26/2015 – Pastor Belko – Pulling Up Stakes

Thank you, Bill Belko, for an inspired and inspiring sermon reminding us that “we are a work in progress.  We are not finished.  We are more than we have come to believe that we are. ”  Yes.  “Transformation and growth require us to pull up the stakes, the boundaries, that are keeping us bound in prejudice and despair.  The spiritual life does not turn on the hinge of conformity.”  Preach on Bill Belko!

07/19/2015 – Pastor Stokes – Mixed Feelings

07/12/2015 – Pastor Stokes – Blessings

07/05/2015 – Pastor Stokes – Church and State

06/28/2015 – Pastor Stokes – More Light

06/21/2015 – Pastor Stokes – The Least of These

06/14/2015 – Pastor Stokes – Student and Disciple

06/07/2015 – Pastor Stokes – The Hungry Heart

05/31/2015 – Pastor Garrison – joyful anticipation deepens

05/24/2015 – Pastor Stokes – Understanding.

05/17/2015 – Pastor Stokes – The Renewing of Your Minds.

05/03/2015 – Pastor Stokes – Do You Want to be Healed?

04/19/2015 – Pastor Stokes – Freedom.

04/12/2015 – Pastor Stokes – Enchanted April.

03/29/2015 – Pastor Stokes – Atonement.

03/22/2015 – Pastor Stokes – The Art of Forgiveness, Part 2.

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