Trinity Church United Church of ChristNeriPhoto-190803E-422-(ZF-4737-40815-1-004)

Praising God.

Living in the way of Jesus.

Building the beloved community.

103 N. Warren St.

P.O. Box 156 

Northport, Michigan 49670

(231) 386-5801



Sunday Schedule

9:30 am Choir Practice

11 am Worship Service

Coffee and conversation after worship


The avowed purpose of this church shall be:

–  to worship God,

–  to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ,

–  to celebrate the Sacraments;

Jody and rene serving communion at the Michigan Annual Meeting, Oct 15, 2016, Woodside Church, Flint

–  to realize Christian fellowship and unity within this church and the Church Universal;

–  to render loving service toward humankind;

–  to strive for righteousness, justice, and peace.

– to be an open and affirming family of faith.

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– to enable and encourage individual spiritual growth, friendship and caring for each other, and involvement in the community and the world beyond.

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Whoever you are that worship here,

in whatever household of faith you were born,

whatever creed you now profess,

as you come to this sanctuary yearning for God,

you are welcome here.