08/05/2018-Anthem- Ave Maria- Soloist, Lila Brown, accompanied by Nancy Flanagan on piano

05/27/2018- Trinity Choir Anthem-The President Sang Amazing Grace– Soloist, Linda Wikle with Nancy Flanagan on piano

02/11/2018- Hymn Sing, led by Kathy Williams

Prayers and other parts of this service were led by Barbara Foster. Special readings were done by Susan Soberhrad, Bette Pushel, and Julia Brabenec. Instrumental music was provided by Bill Cook, Bill Plachetzki, Hugh Willey, Laura Kalchik, and the WoodSong Recorder Trio (Jackie Berz, Julie Orr, Janet Stutzman).

12/17/2017- An Advent Afternoon

With The Trinity Bell Choir, directed by Joe Thatcher;  Trinity Choir, directed by Nancy Flanagan; Amanda Kruk, mezzo-Soprano; Ann McInnes, piano; Leelanau Flute Ensemble; WoodSong Recorder Trio; Bill Cook, organ & piano; Bill Plachetzki, bass; Laura Kalchik, clarinet; Ted Kroll, bassoon; Terry Gremel & Christina Pfeuffer, percussion. Readings by: Laura Kalchik, Sarah Shoemaker,and Christina Pfeuffer. Phil Garrison, Minister.

07/02/2017 – Music Sunday Worship Service

05/27/2017 – Memorial Service for Ruth E. Brown

03/19/2017 – The Other Side of Me by Michael W. Smith – Sung by Nicole Gregory and Renia Haviland in honor of Jim and Geneva Cornell’s 70th Wedding Anniversary

02/26/2017 – Trinity Choir Anthem – Holy Ground-Soloist, Karen Gregory

01/01/2017 – Sweet Little Jesus Boy-sung by Barbara Hoig

12/18/2016 -God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen- Kathy Williams, Steve Lindo and Bill Plachetzki

12/18/2016 -Mary Did You Know, by Mark Lowery -sung by Steve Lindo and Bill Plachetzki

12/18/2016 -Trinity Choir Anthem- Every Time I Hear His Name, by John E. Coates

12/18/2016 -Trinity Hand Bell Choir – O Come, All Ye Faithful;Silent Night, Holy Night

12/11/2016 -Trinity Choir Anthem – My Soul Praises the Lord, by John E. Coates

10/02/2016 – 2016 PEACE LECTURE: Panel Discussion – Nina Alexseynko, Max Alexseynko, Kyle Garberson, and Dr. Adhikari

10/01/2016 – 2016 BELKO PEACE LECTURE
Prakash Adhikari, Ph.D – Protecting Villagers: Violent Conflict and Forced Migration

09/04/2016 – Amanda Kruk – A Mother’s Prayer

05/22/2016 – Charge to Trinity Church of the UCC-Rev Campbell Lovett

05/22/2016 -Charge to Phil Garrison-Words from Rabbi Chava Bahle, read by Karen Casebeer

05/22/2016 – “The Canticle of the Turning”- Pastor Karen Stokes

05/22/2016 – “We Worship As One”- Trinity Choir

05/22/2016 -“Blessing Ways” – Terry and Darlene Wildman

04/24/2016 – Special Music and Reading -For the world and all its people/ We are your hands and feet.

Trinity Choir, directed by Ann Bloomquist, with readings by Suzanne Landes and Karen Casebeer

02/28/2016 – Special Music-The gift of awe

04/19/2015 – Special Music.