12/17/2017- An Advent Afternoon

With The Trinity Bell Choir, directed by Joe Thatcher;  Trinity Choir, directed by Nancy Flanagan; Amanda Kruk, mezzo-Soprano; Ann McInnes, piano; Leelanau Flute Ensemble; WoodSong Recorder Trio; Bill Cook, organ & piano; Bill Plachetzki, bass; Laura Kalchik, clarinet; Ted Kroll, bassoon; Terry Gremel & Christina Pfeuffer, percussion. Readings by: Laura Kalchik, Sarah Shoemaker,and Christina Pfeuffer. Phil Garrison, Minister.

07/02/2017 – Music Sunday Worship Service

05/27/2017 – Memorial Service for Ruth E. Brown

03/19/2017 – The Other Side of Me by Michael W. Smith – Sung by Nicole Gregory and Renia Haviland in honor of Jim and Geneva Cornell’s 70th Wedding Anniversary

02/26/2017 – Trinity Choir Anthem – Holy Ground-Soloist, Karen Gregory

01/01/2017 – Sweet Little Jesus Boy-sung by Barbara Hoig

12/18/2016 -Mary Did You Know, by Mark Lowery -sung by Steve Lindo and Bill Plachetzki

12/18/2016 -Trinity Choir Anthem- Every Time I Hear His Name, by John E. Coates

12/18/2016 -Trinity Hand Bell Choir – O Come, All Ye Faithful;Silent Night, Holy Night

12/11/2016 -Trinity Choir Anthem – My Soul Praises the Lord, by John E. Coates

10/02/2016 – 2016 PEACE LECTURE: Panel Discussion – Nina Alexseynko, Max Alexseynko, Kyle Garberson, and Dr. Adhikari

10/01/2016 – 2016 BELKO PEACE LECTURE
Prakash Adhikari, Ph.D – Protecting Villagers: Violent Conflict and Forced Migration

09/04/2016 – Amanda Kruk – A Mother’s Prayer

05/22/2016 – Charge to Trinity Church of the UCC-Rev Campbell Lovett

05/22/2016 -Charge to Phil Garrison-Words from Rabbi Chava Bahle, read by Karen Casebeer

05/22/2016 – “The Canticle of the Turning”- Pastor Karen Stokes

05/22/2016 – “We Worship As One”- Trinity Choir

05/22/2016 -“Blessing Ways” – Terry and Darlene Wildman

04/24/2016 – Special Music and Reading -For the world and all its people/ We are your hands and feet.

Trinity Choir, directed by Ann Bloomquist, with readings by Suzanne Landes and Karen Casebeer

02/28/2016 – Special Music-The gift of awe

04/19/2015 – Special Music.