Upcoming Events

On June 18 we began a nine week worship series, with a wonderful two week interlude in  early July:  On the Mend – Though the weeks of June, July, and August at Trinity we’ll learn from the Gospel of Mark and other texts about the wounds of living that hold us back from being the ones God is aching for us to become.  How might we let go of patterns of living that do not serve us well . . . in order to take hold of new possibilities that set us free in Jesus’ incomprehensible loving forgiveness?

Sunday, June 18 – Father’s Day – On the Mend:  From Shallowness – Mark 7:1-8  & James 1:17-27.  Eugene Peterson, in the Message Bible, translates one of the verses from James in words like these:  “Whoever catches even a glimpse of the free life in God will find delight and affirmation.”  Bill Plachetzki, bass, and Steve Lindor, guitar will provide our special music of the morning singing, “From a Distance” and “Love Overflowing.”  Trinity’s Choir anthem will be:  a Gaelic rendition of “Morning Has Broken.”





Sunday, June 25  – On the Mend:  From Being Closed – Mark 7:24-37 & James 2:1-10.  This Sunday will be an invitation for us to recall who, for us, is “in” and who is “out.”  According to James, God has chosen those who are “down and out” to be the “first citizens of the realm of God’s love.”  Choir Anthem:  “Siyahamba.”

Sunday, July 2 – An awesome Sunday of Music with Nancy Flanagan and friends.  Listen to the service by clicking on the “Recordings” tab and then “Music Sunday.”

Sunday, July 9Rev. Jody Betten, pastor of the UCC’s new church start in Traverse City, New Waves UCC, will be our guest preacher.  She will have just returned from the United Church of Christ General Synod in Baltimore.  She will be an enthusiastic voice for the family of the UCC that is Trinity’s family.


Sunday, July 16 – On the Mend:  From Controlling – Mark 8:27-38  & James 3:1-5.  Choir Anthem – “Hymn of Freedom.”

Friday, July 21 – Music in the Park – Mule Bone – Blues

Sunday, July 23 – On the Mend:  From Arrogance – NEW MEMBER SUNDAY – Mark 9:30-37 & James 3:13-18.  Choir Anthem – Amazing Grace.”

Friday, July 28 – Music in the ParkRFD Boys – Folk/Bluegrass

Sunday, July 30 – On the Mend:  From Preconceived Notions – BAPTISM SUNDAY – Isla and Hendrix Voelker – Mark 9:38-50, James 5:12-20, & Mary Oliver, “The Summer Day.” Choir Anthem – tbd.

Friday, August 4 – Music in the Park – Claudia Schmidt & Sally Rogers – Folk claudiaschmidtandsallyro

Sunday, August 6 – On the Mend:  From Missing What Matters – Mark 10:13-16 , Hebrews 10:10-13, and words of Henri Nouwen on L’Arche.  Choir Anthem – “Seek Ye First.”

Friday, August 11 – Music in the Park – Jeff Tucker – Classic Rock.

Sunday, August 13 – On the Mend:  From a Heavy Heart – Matthew 10:17-31  & Hebrews 4:12-16.  Choir Anthem – tbd.

Friday, August 18 – Music in the ParkTo Be Announced

Sunday, August 20 – On the Mend:  From Being Great – Mark 10:35-45, Hebrews 5:4-10 & Mohammed Ali and Parkinson’s.  Choir Anthem – tbd.

Friday, August 25 – Music in the Park – Looking Forward – Crosby, Stills, Nash Tribute.

Sunday, August 27 – On the Mend:  From Blindness – Mark 10:46-52, Psalm 126, & Josephine Rowan, Lighthouse for the Blind.  Choir Anthem – “Song of the Soul.”

Friday, September 1 – Music in the Park – Don Julia and the Microtones – Reggae/Ska

Saturday, September 2 – Wedding of Kailey Specht/Trevor Cline

Tuesday, September 12 – The Tuesday Study Group will begin a new book recommended by Sandy Zwemer – “Jesus Before the Gospels,” Bart D. Herman.

Wednesday, September 13, 7:00 pm –  Trinity Reads Book Discussion

“The Revolution Where You Live,” Sarah van Gelder.   Unknown

Friday, September 22, 11:00 am – Graveside service for Dorothy Bartlett Crosby and John Strong Crosby at the Leelanau Township Cemetery.

Saturday, September 30Leelanau Uncaged

Saturday, October 7 – 7:00 pm – Belko Peace LectureSarah van Gelderth“Creating Beloved Communities Locally.”

Saturday, October 21 – Wedding of Katherine Johnson & Arica Tomlinson.

Sunday, October 22 – Guest Preacher, Rev. Jason Coulter, pastor Ravenswood UCC, Chicago.