Upcoming Events

Our Worship Series from July 14th through October 6 – “Three Great Loves” – “Love of God, Love of Neighbor, Love of Self” – is based on the Twelve Phoenix Affirmations.  These are wonderful services of worship with great music, meditative prayer, scripture (both Biblical and contemporary), and sermons based in our faith even as we are attentive to the world as it is today.  Please join us for worship on Sundays at 11:00.  We are a nation and world in great hunger and thirst for love, peace, justice, honesty, environmental stewardship, hope, grace, beauty.  Yes, we are!


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You are invited to learn from this documentary about Adverse Childhood Experiences and what you can do to help disrupt the cycles of violence, addiction and disease it documents.


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Plan now to attend this outstanding opportunity for us to learn about Poverty in Leelanau County and what we can do to be among those who find strategies to improve outcomes for the children and families of our County who live in poverty.  We are especially grateful to the Leelanau Township Community Foundation for their support of this year’s Belko Peace Lecture and our efforts to provide education and conversation about Poverty in Leelanau Township and beyond.


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We would love to have 75 or 80 people register for this Workshop in the Northport Public School small gymnasium.  Please do register with Phil Garrison early so we are  able to plan accordingly.

Workshop participants will role-play persons in poverty in a variety of circumstances and situations:  some are newly unemployed, some have just experienced desertion of the breadwinner, others receive temporary assistance for needy families and children, and others are older residents challenged by illness and isolation.

During the workshop, you and your “family” will be part of a community that includes a bank, police station, school, grocery store, an employment office, food pantry, human services office, and  pawn shop.  Your main task is to provide both shelter and basic necessities for your family for a whole month (divided into four 15-minute weeks.  Your fate may change quickly with a luck of the draw card that could bring you unexpected income or an unexpected expense.

At the conclusion of the simulation you will be invited to share your poverty experiences, reactions and insights in a prevention and solution discussion led by Northwestern Michigan College Social Science Instructors Diane Emling and Brandon Everest.

This workshop is a learning opportunity for everyone that invites deeper understanding into the daily challenges of living in poverty in Leelanau County.

The Poverty Simulation Workshop was suggested as a next step for our learning about poverty at the Conversation of Consequence, “INVISIBLE LEELANAU:  POVERTY IN PARADISE” on January 13, 2019 at Trinity Church.  During that conversation, Ty Wessell informed us:  “14.6% of children under age 18 in Leelanau County are living below the poverty level.  38.4% of single parent families in the County are living in poverty.  8.7% (1,893) of the total population is living in poverty.”

Northport Poverty Reduction Initiatives is an informal group of people from Northport and Leelanau Township seeking to respond to emergency needs and identify longer-term solutions for our neighbors who live with the daily challenges of poverty.  They along with Trinity Church UCC are the co-sponsors of this event.